Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Like usual it's been very busy lately.
Taking a language course, working a lot, etc...
Today we went for a little walk. Last year I totally missed fall, but this year I want to enjoy it.
And of course, this time of the year, you see a lot of pumpkins around.
These pumpkins are from a 80-year old man, that has a few like every year.
And oh yes, he's showing them off :)
(we still have to carve ours)


It's been very warm out today, for this time of the year. 24°C/75°F
But this weekend it's gonna freeze...
Crazy Belgian weather, like we know it :)



And of course, Nala goes with us on every walk.

She looks kinda mean in this picture, but she's really a cutie though.






Hope you all enjoyed a nice walk already, if not, make time for it! :)